A Poem for Attention


I am a sponge

Taking everything face value

But itís much more than that

If only youíd knew!


I am a fish in a water tank

I see your lips moving

But your words hit my ears

Like pebbles on the water.


I am at the mercy

Of sounds, ideas, movement

Of anything that is looking to move me.

Always moving is tiring

Especially when you donít choose it

And when is it ever gonna stop.


Here we are again hitting my arm on a door that

I didnít know was there.

I donít feel any pain;

Too conscious of others

Not enough of my own.


Repercussion of time on my actions

Alien to me.

When I talk, only I know what I am saying,

Cause Iím all over the place and I see in your

Eyes what I canít see.


It is not my tongue, my voice neither the words I use,

But the energy, that somehow in my brain,

Canít connect properly

With the operator.

Itís called ADD.