Attention Deficit Disorder and the Teenager

It is not my fault:
- if the school is boring,
- and matters annoying,
- if the teachers are all zeros,
- and lessons very useless.

It is not my fault:
- if I am always in the moon,
- and lose the thread of my thoughts,
- if I want to leave the school,
- and go to the end of the universe.

Me, I am only an ordinary Teenager,
who is fond of the games of fiction and war
with a lot of chips and beer;
and would rather party from evening to morning
and stay awake in the night and sleep the day.

Me, I am only an ordinary Teenager
- who spends time dreaming,
- and would quickly change the world,
- to make all people dance,
- and happily sing his melody.

Me, I am only an ordinary Teenager,
. who has a life Suffering,
. but the desire to succeed,
. who would wish so much and do nothing,
. and lose sometimes all his drives.

Me, I am only a solitary Teenager
. who would wish so much to achieve,
but does not know how to start,
. who would like to give orders,
but ignores how to command.

Because often in my head everything mixes up,
North passes to South, and Cold becomes Hot.
The thoughts go so fast,
And the Heart beats so hard.
The time of Yesterday flees to the Tomorrow,
Remains the present time to imprison me,
And the second only contains me.

Me, I live the present time,
And the only pleasure of the moment,
To Hell with those who worry,
And always think of the following day.

I have enough energy to build a new world,
in a free gesture of the hand.
me, responsible for nothing,
being only an Entertainer,
being only a Puppet,

But nothing is simple in life,
I am a  great Dream,
and love only to laugh,
I am plenty of Tears,
and feel only a Sorrow.

And do not think of making me,
a quiet Ant to gather a pile of sands,
a hard working Bee to collect nectar,
Because I will be rather an Acrobat or Magician,
in front of a large crowd to applaud me.

What I am really dreaming of, 
is a work which is not a labour,
does not ask for long preparations,
but requires a sudden great  energy,
and does not last too long a time.

What to do with a bitter Teenager
but having such a generous spirit,
who does not want to follow any rules,
who makes several things at the same time,
and wants to learn or know all,
only by the Warmth of his Heart,
and the full Strength of his Body?


Claude Jolicoeur, M.D,
Montreal, August 2001

p.s: translation with the gracious collaboration of Helen Cvejic, M.D.